Pseudo-event is a term I learnt on my course in University and to be honest, it helped me make sense of so much of the internet nonsense. This blog is about that.

Pseudo-event can be defined as an event that occurs for the sole purpose of being on the internet or media in general. If you are being really cynical, you can say that everyone who posts pictures of their food on instagram (including myself) only eats the food so they can post the picture. Our world becomes a very bleak place when you think like that.

Pseudo-event, the blog, is here to celebrate the opposite. It is a place to share, discuss, watch, laugh and read things that could potentially create an interest from a readership (that's you, whoever you are), even if they were only done for the purpose of being put on the blog. Like who would really go on holiday just for the sake of one? If it's not on social media, it didn't happen right?

This blog therefore, has no particular theme because everything is and can be a pseudo-event. It just indulges in everything that our generation is blamed for the most, the internet and all it's perks of sharing information. 

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